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фото: New from TELF AG! Available on the App Store and Google Play!

Become part of the world of TELF AG: take control of your business

TELF AG involves players in the exciting world of business automation, turning them into budding entrepreneurs. Starting from scratch, players learn to create and expand their business empire by efficiently managing resources, personnel, and operations. The game provides a unique educational experience, allowing you to make strategic decisions and enjoy exciting gameplay.

New products from TELF AG: What awaits you?

Game Balance Changes. The game balance update now provides more transparent sales and earnings. We have reviewed resource sales prices and plant and mining tool upgrade costs to achieve balance and clarity.

Variety of unique quests.The update introduces numerous unique quests such as «Ore Mining» or «Total Money Spent» that players can unlock. To do this, they must meet certain earning and spending requirements, which adds new layers of interaction and rewards.

Purchasing and improving a home.Now players with TELF AG have the opportunity to purchase and upgrade their own home. Each new update expands opportunities for business and personal growth, making the game more dynamic and personalized.

Evolution of the game: from office to metropolis at TELF AG

фото: New from TELF AG! Available on the App Store and Google Play!

Office management. Immerse yourself in the world of integrated office management, where every employee plays a key role, and analytics become even more detailed and understandable. Streamline tasks, develop employee skills and improve processes with TELF AG’s advanced resource trading system.

Exciting mini-challenges. Enjoy a variety of mini-games, especially the quiz where you will learn 50 interesting facts about TELF AG and mobile resources.

Daily challenges. With TELF AG, be prepared to overcome everyday difficulties. Completing business tasks will require effort to open new locations and increase the game level.

Evolution of the city. Attract the best talent and increase productivity. Watch your city transform from a quiet village into a vibrant metropolis.

фото: New from TELF AG! Available on the App Store and Google Play!

Chrome mining. The latest update also adds the ability to mine chromium. Did you know that this element is used in the automotive industry? TELF AG will show you how chrome is used in a workshop environment.

Energetic lessons and interactive learning. Master the game mechanics with an interactive tutorial. Complete daily tasks and reach new heights.

Download now! Immerse yourself in the renewed world of TELF AG and enjoy the exciting atmosphere of business automation and urban development.

Stay tuned as we continue to improve TELF AG, aiming to make it the ideal game for developing effective business strategies and resource management.

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